Kerazy Week

Edinburgh,Me,Movies & TV Monday 22nd August 2005

Wow, this week is a busy one. This morning Kerry and I went to view a flat on Lauriston Street that was really, really nice. We’ve asked for an application form and everything, heres hoping we’re the only ones going for it. Wednesday is Serenity premiere night (if I every get back in touch with Erin) and then on Friday we’re off to sunny Prague for James’ stag weekend!



  1. Toot toot! I’m excited.

    It’s James’ Stag Weekend though. Not that ‘m picky.

  2. My Avatar! I lost it when got rm -rf * ‘ed.


    It’s the sound of the grammar police!

  4. I’m sure I wrote “I’m picky”. *Now* I look like an idiot.

    Comment spam!

  5. I am so not editing your post 🙂