Stag Report

Me Monday 2nd May 2005

Wow, that was a great weekend. I am absolutely knackered, bruised, battered and still slightly hungover. But it was all fun! We were staying in some nice log cabins in the Yorkshire Dales for Friday and Saturday night. We got take-away from the nearest town on Friday and then drank and played poker for the rest of the night. When I say ‘played’ I really mean ‘bumbled along’. As only three of the ten of us knew how to play properly. They, of course, gave us a 2 second introduction and then launched into a full game of texas hold ’em. Good job we were only playing for chips 🙂

Saturday was spent getting covered in mud and paint at Go Ballistic paintballing in Dishforth. It was the first time I’d been paintballing and it was great fun. Wish I’d taken some gloves though as shots in the knuckles really sting. We had booked for a whole day and to be honest we could have just done with half. We were all knackered and out of paint (£6 for 100 shots!) by the afternoon. All fun though, and we had a game of ‘Hunt the Stag’ at the end 🙂 After a hard day fooling around with paint we collapsed back to the cabins got some dinner and then went on the ‘pub crawl’. There were only two pubs in the nearby village so it only just qualifies. After having a couple of jars in the first pub we go searching for the next one, only to find its not there. We stumble around in the dark for half an hour or so before giving up and going back to the cabins for more drink.

The next day we go to the (first) pub for a cracking Sunday lunch. The bar man has a good laugh at our expense as the mystical second pub had been demolished about three months ago. Oh and sunday lunch really was good, I’d heartily recommend it to anyone in their direction.

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